Directed by Theresa Varga

Written by Theresa Varga and Nathan Bryon

Produced by Lauren Huggins

We are very excited to present to you ‘Bossman’, the first entry in our ShortSpace hub. This fantastically funny short film caught our eye at the Showroom Shorts event in Sheffield last month for its quirky humour and vibrant visuals. Jakob had a little chat with writer and director Theresa Varga about the film here.

JB: What challenges did you face whilst putting this film together and how did you overcome them?

TV: The film was self funded by me and my writing partner Nathan Bryon, who also appears in the short, so I guess that was one of our biggest challenges – we just saved every penny we had! We also filmed it over two days, at three different locations, along one road, so time was very limited. We needed everything to run like clockwork, but we had a great 1st AD who kept everything on track, which I am so grateful for – a brilliant AD can honestly save your whole project. I also decided to shoot the project on a fish-eye lens, so lighting was extremely tricky because the lens catches EVERYTHING in frame. My awesome gaffer, Rob Shears, had to get extremely experimental with light placement.

JB: There’s quite a striking visual element to ‘Bossman’, which you rarely see in the comedy genre – is this something you intentionally wanted to incorporate into your film?

TV: ​Yeah definitely! I love the use of colour in film, I think it can add a lot to both the character and scene. For the flashback moments, I wanted to pay homage to 80s thrillers and really step the audience into the mind of Mandy, our protagonist, as if she is piecing together all those films she binged at home. I think you can have a lot of fun with mixing genres and colours, to really create a world within a world. I’ve also been inspired by comedy directors such as Jean Pierre-Jeunet, Jared Hess and Wes Anderson (to name a few), who all incorporate the use of bright colours in film.

Fun fact: The stars of this film, Alice Felgate and Nathan Bryon, both played roles in BBC Three comedy ‘Some Girls’.